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Apr 19

Brad reviews FAITH: Garden of Hell

EDIT : The Kickstarter for Burning Games Core 2.0 book has about 1 day left.  Check it out HERE   we also did a Show & Tell about their Kickstarter and Garden in Hell – listen HERE.     Hello Ademaniacs,   Associate Professor Brad Knipper (@ForceAndDestiny on twitter) here with a review of Faith: …

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Sep 21

Review of Storm King’s Thunder

Hello students and AcadeManiacs. This week, faculty member Ryan Porta writes a review of a new published adventure. We did receive a review copy of this module and it will be part of the raffle pool at AcadeCon this year. If you just can’t wait and want to but it now, visit Amazon through our …

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Aug 31

Review of Horror Adventures

Hello students. Professor Crunch here bringing you a review of Horror Adventures, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement. The Academy received an advanced copy of the book and I had a great time reading through all its spooky goodness. Is it Necessary? Before I get into the actual review, I want to address this question. It’s …

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Jul 12

Michael Reviews D&D Basic

D&D Basic – A Review, by Michael After numerous delays I was able to finally finish my read-through of the       Version 0.1 of Basic D&D PDF. I wanted to read it in detail and really soak in the details and compare to earlier versions I experienced through the Play Test process as …

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