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Oct 12

Dungeon Talk: Episode 26 – Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Hello. In Dungeon talk 26 start out with an issue that came up from our most recent game. Dealing with distracted players. The way I started the last game contributed to the lack of engagement from the Players early on. I was able to finish the game strong but I was concerned and needed some …

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Sep 29

Dungeon Talk Episode 25: HEEEEEEYYYYYY what’s up!

Hello, In Dungeon talk 25 we start out by talking about FATE (again).  We drafted some characters and then ran through a little scenario that was meant to lead to some kind of encounter.  We talk about FATE for quite a while so if you’re looking for DND material you might want to skip ahead. …

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Sep 14

Dungeon Talk Episode 24 pt1: FATE FTW

What’s up guys, in this weeks Dungeon Talk Michael, Niko, and myself sat down with character sheets from DnD Next, 13th Age, and FATE.  We created characters in each one just to see the differences and then played around with them in a few combats.  It was very interesting and we discuss the differences between …

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Aug 14

Dungeon Talk: Episode 22 – The egg timer will spite you!

Hey guys, Dungeon Talk 22 is here!  Did  you think we were done? Well it’s been a while since we recorded a dungeon talk.  Our schedules have been pretty full but here we are and hopefully we can get back to a regular posting of dungeon talks.  Michael is headed out to Gen Con this …

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Jun 08

Dungeon Talk: Episode 20 – 65 MB, Mother$&*^@#

Hello all, Here is Episode 20 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.  For this Episode we were joined by Niko and Rob and a Special Guest James (@Massimo_53). James runs the DnD Encounters games at a local game store here in Cincinnati. He’s been playing RPG’s for a while and has a lot of …

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