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Sep 06

Dungeon Talk Episode 5: More than Necessary

Michael and I took vacations and just got back this week so we recorded and will resume our weekly game this Monday.  We had another guest with us this week.  His name is Jared and he recently joined our weekly game.  He has been playing for many years and has a lot of DM xp. …

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Aug 23

Dungeon Talk Episode 4: A New Home

Well here we are at our new home.  The first 9 or 10 minutes is Michael discussing what happened with the old website and why we decided to move.  The first topic begins after that.  We also have a guest with us, his name is Rob and he plays in our current weekly game. Table …

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Aug 14

House Rule: Hero Points

Hero Points: Let’s be clear, these are almost identical to Action points from 3.5 Eberron. I’ve said in other posts and on the podcasts that the Eberron setting is my favorite. And it’s not even close. I LOVE that setting. Everything about it just feels right to me, including the Action Point mechanic it introduced. …

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