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Oct 19

Alignment : Part 5

Hello students. Welcome to the final article about alignment in this series. We’ve covered a lot of information in these past few weeks. After discussing what alignment is, how it’s changed through the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and its mechanical impact on the game, today we’ll be talking about ways to change alignment. …

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Oct 12

Alignment : Part 4

  Hello students. Welcome to what was going to be the final article in this series on alignment. There ended up being too much to talk about to wrap this up today. And part three was way too long. My apologies. We’ve spent time discussing what alignment is in Dungeons and Dragons, how it’s changed …

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Oct 05

Alignment : Part 3

Hello students. Welcome back to my series on alignment. In this article, we will talk about the mechanical development of alignment in a few editions of Dungeons and Dragons. As I’ve said many times on the podcast, I learned to play RPGs with 3.5 D&D, so I’m going to start there. Then we’ll travel forward …

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Sep 14

Alignment : Part 2

Last week, we started talking about Alignment, a tricky subject that is a core aspect of Dungeons and Dragons. I introduced the concept and shared an opinion of Jacob from Edgeland Games. This week, I will respond to a few of Jacob’s points. To start, let’s talk about monsters and their alignment. How does alignment …

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Sep 07

Alignment : Part 1

In my opinion, alignment is one of the most polarizing topics within the RPG hobby, and specifically within Dungeons and Dragons. It is fundamental to the nature of the game, yet it is subject to constant debate. As it applies to games, alignment is both mechanical and philosophical, which only adds to the confusion. This …

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