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Faculty Meeting # 66 – The Trial of Dungeon World Recap

Dungeon World coverHello and Welcome to Faculty Meetings: The general advice and discussion podcast from The RPG Academy.  This is  where we discuss topics that came up at our gaming table or yours

I am Michael, and this is Faculty Meetings # 66: The Trial of Dungeon World Recap


In this episode Caleb and I are joined by Matt Parody and Scott Brown who also play in our current 13th Age Actual Play series: Secrets, Lies and the Undead. The four of us recently had a chance to play a one-shot of Dungeon World and we gather together to discuss that game, the system and our general thoughts about Dungeon World.




The Actual Play episodes of the One-Shot are also available as is the Youtube version which is a bit longer as I tried to cut out as much as the visual part of the game as I could for the podcast version.


Here are some links you may like concerning Dungeon World and/or the tools Jessa used as our GM

Buy Dungeon World at Drive Thru RPG

DungeonWorld SRD

Omnibus A Dungeon World Database

RPG Solo


We hope you enjoy this conversation and that you’ll check out their podcasts.






As always, thanks for listening!

And remember; If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!



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    • Erik on May 9, 2015 at 9:04 pm
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    I stumbled upon your podcast while looking for actual play sessions of games using the Apocalypse World engine. I must say yours was one of the better presented sessions that I have come across. And all the personalities involved were quite entertaining (and educational). Consider me a new fan!

    I do have a couple of comments regarding your DW trial series. While it did a good job of illustrating how to play, it also helped me spot some things that might hinder game play. And I feel some of these things led to your critiques of the system as well.

    Jessa is a competent GM and like her style. But in the case of these Dungeon World sessions, I think she made things a little more complicated than necessary. Much of the game leaned more to GM tools and less player influence. Some items of note:

    – The ‘RPG Solo’ tools were unnecessary. Especially the “Get Answer” probability generator. That is not a part of DW system and goes against the whole point of player rolls.
    – Role Play point awards kind of made things confusing. Also not a part of DW system.
    – The GM should be a fan of the players. If it fits in the fiction, the GM should always say “Yes.” Druid wants to turn into woodland bison? Druid should turn into a woodland bison. Honestly, players should be able to do just about anything in this game. There should be no limits…or at least limits to the limits. 😉
    – There was some instances where it seemed that damage or harm was inflicted without any chance of player response. Again, the GM is supposed to be a fan of the players: they should present challenges for the players to overcome and not simply arbitrarily screw with or deny them.
    – One other item of note: as this game is less about mechanics, using miniatures and grids can actually take away from the story gaming experience.

    Overall, I got the feeling that the GM was trying to shoehorn DW into a D&D-type shell. Putting crunch where their didn’t need to be crunch. I don’t blame her. I think it’s something a lot of people might do while trying to wrap their heads around a whole new way of playing RPGs. I know it’s still taking some getting used to for me. “Our way is the old way.” But I am learning to let go and be open to this new concept!

    (BTW This helped me immensely: )

    Again, I think Jessa did a great job running things, but I just don’t feel like it was a complete Dungeon World experience. And though you guys might not go back to try DW, I did hear talk about trying Apocalypse World? I would definitely be curious to hear your input on that! Do it just in time for the new Mad max movie. 😉

    Anyway, looking forward to catching up with all your past broadcasts and hearing the all the new. Great work!


    1. Erik,
      Thanks for listening. The DW version of ‘the trials’ was the first one of these we had ever done and while I am still super-appreciative of Jessa I do wonder if it was a good representation of a Dungeon World session. We may have to go back and do a ‘re-trial’ at some point in the future.


        • Recalcitrare on September 6, 2016 at 11:25 am
        • Reply

        A year later, do you think this is a good representation of a DW session? I’m playing my first-ever RPG next week and decided to hear some actual plays of DW and The RPG Academy was recommended. But, my group definitely isn’t using that many tools / any sort of grid system whatsoever.

        1. Recalcitrare,

          Actually no. I think this game is a fun listen and worth the time for the entertainment, but having spoken to some people more familiar with DW, I wouldn’t say this is a great example of how DW is normally ran at the table.


    • Richard Kreutz-Landry on June 29, 2016 at 4:25 pm
    • Reply

    I’m so glad you mentioned the YouTube version of this series, Michael. There was SO much hilarious stuff going on in the chat.

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