Aug 21

Faculty Meeting # 55 – Not our Travis

cropped-New-RPG-Academy-Crest-Hi-Rez-clean-edges.pngHello and Welcome to Faculty Meetings: The general advice and discussion podcast from The RPG Academy.  This is  where we discuss topics that came up at our gaming table or yours

I am Michael, and this is Faculty Meeting  # 55 – Not our Travis

In this episode Caleb and I hit on a variety of shorter topics and try to play catch up from some mailbag questions.

  • An interesting way to handle a missing player’s PC
  • We spend a while talking about a comment left on the site by frequent commenter Jonothan about whether or not we are providing the product that we are advertising.

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    • Jerry H on August 21, 2014 at 10:33 am
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    My take on your Table Topics podcast is that the show kind of straddles the fence between beginner content on how to run a RPG to intermediate content that encourages you to move towards the intermediate level quickly. From my perspective, this is the sweet spot that you want to stay in most of the time. I would be fine with occasional forays into beginner content and advanced content. I think the podcast is mainly about tips/tricks/issues as a GM rather than as a player. The podcast is about GMing RPGs in general with a focus on D&D.

    I very much like the idea of spending time on D&D 5E since I have not bought the new basic set or new player’s handbook and don’t know a lot about 5E yet. I have a ton of 4E books, so I am somewhat reluctant to start buying 5E books until I understand it better. I love the idea of doing some podcasts or videos about character creation and talking about the essential differences of 5E compared to say 4E or other editions.

    I like the variety in Table Topics of occasionally having interviews or guest speakers on.

    You may want to consider doing a podcast or two about tips/tricks from the new player perspective. For example, how skill checks can be a way to avoid fighting, recommended party marching order, setting up a watch schedule, whether to light a fire or not at your campsite, creating a character’s backstory, etc.

    • Cesare on August 21, 2014 at 8:07 pm
    • Reply

    Great podcast, I’ve played RPGs for a while now and the hardest thing for me is to come up with a unique back story for my characters. I always end up playing the same set of characters each time I roll up a new one. Do you have any advice about how to flesh out your own guys.

    • Peder on March 9, 2015 at 10:03 am
    • Reply

    While I do enjoy some interviews, I have skipped over some of the interview ones and non-D&D ones simply because I care more about D&D episodes which is what I’m starting with. So I’m glad to be back on one that is more D&D style content or general information for RPG’s that goes across the board. But then again, I like the episodes about the gaming con’s.

    Thanks for all the awesome work on the different pod casts.

    • Peder on March 9, 2015 at 10:42 am
    • Reply

    And now that I’m further through it, I am going to answer your question if this is beginner enough or too high level:

    My thoughts, I think that you guys are accurate about it being getting it over that hump. However, when a new system comes out or how you’ve been working on non-D&D stuff, you probably could take it to a simpler level and just move through it a whole lot faster. Maybe do one off type episodes where it’s just a fast run through of here are the basics of the new system. Like when 5E came out, run through a character creation, then run through an easy combat scenario and call it good with that, or do a book review. Like you were just talking about in the pod cast, so I’m going to continue writing comments that cover what you’re already saying.

    1. Peder,
      We welcome your comments from the past 🙂 We do have a couple episodes that are fairly recent that are more in-depth “this is how 5e works” kinda episodes that we’ve gotten great feedback on. Always looking for more suggestions.


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