Jan 26

Faculty Meeting # 89 – Yes, there is a chandelier!


Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings:Β The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting #Β 89 – Yes, there is a chandelier

In this episode I am once again joined by my favorite co-host The Caleb G ( @TheCalebG ) and we spend some time looking forward at our goals and plans for 2016.

  • We discuss the revamped Patreon campaign.
  • Our current Teespring campaign.
  • The module we are working on and some conventions i’ll be at running some play-tests.
  • We discuss our Network and some updates and changes and how to join us.
  • We talk about AcadeCon 2016: Leveling Up! and all the wonderful guests we’ve already got lined up.
  • The Kickstarter launch date is 04/21. More details to follow.
  • we then move on and actually discuss a Table Topic as we once again touch on Player narration in the game.
  • we end on announcing our GenCon/AcadeCon contest for the year and read some new iTunes Review.


I hope you enjoy!!



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  1. That was fun to listen to the ton of stuff on AcadeCon!

    And with the other stuff on getting players to increase the storytelling aspect. I am going with that some, in particular with naming NPC’s, but it is something that I want to get more comfortable with.

    • Gamesdisk on January 28, 2016 at 4:09 pm
    • Reply

    I guess he doesn’t want to be a writer anymore

    1. I do and if I can get this Con organizing thing off the ground, i’ll have plenty of time to do it! Though if all goes well I will have a published work this year. our 5e module πŸ™‚ that counts, right?


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