Aug 17

Faculty Meeting # 81 – AcadeCon is GO!!

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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings:   The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meetings # 81 AcadeCon is Go!!

In this weeks episode Caleb and I blow off our original plan to recap my recent GenCon trip and instead gush about how excited we are about all the support we’ve received for the Acadecon Kickstarter.



An extra special shout out to @NpcChris from the NpcCast for his help in getting our video on the site and do our Dark Hearts Patreon group for their large donation.


We also want to thank Michael at 1d6 Gaming for being our first and still largest individual donor as well as another person who constantly said “you can do this!”


We will be giving all our sponsors special shout outs on future episodes.



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  1. That was fun to listen to. I’m curious for more true table tops again, but I’m thrilled for the whole group of people who are going to AcadeCon!

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