Jun 18

Faculty Meeting # 80 – Fantasy Grounds Review w/ @Mundangerous


Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings:  The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting  # 80 – Fantasy Grounds Review w/ @Mundangerous

In this weeks episode Caleb, Matthew, Shane (Aka @Mundangerous) and I sit down and review the trial of Fantasy Grounds Shane and I recently experienced.   We talk a bit before hand about Player vs. PC knowledge and at the end wrap up with a background segment looking at a Warlock Solider.


You can find more of Shane’s work at his blog: www.Mundangerous.Com as well as www.Madadventurers.com


If you want to check out Fantasy Grounds for yourself, you can do so HERE!


If you want to read the first in a series on Fantasy Grounds that Mundangerous wrote you can find it here



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  1. That’s something that I’ve run into in my campaign, there are some things, where I haven’t been passing notes, where it’s would your character know this, really Valanthe was the only one to get a high enough perception roll. So I’ll generally say something like: “Murderface, you notice nothing. Valanthe and Nori you both can tell by looking at the trees that are knocked down that they were blown over.” I start with telling the players which player doesn’t know something. Or if someone rolls a 2 on an investigation trying to find traps, and someone else is like, well, I’m going to roll to check as well, I’ll just say, “Valanthe is very convinced that she’s checked that well, do you not trust her?” A lot of the time you can just spend time, especially since I’m molding new players, to create a mindset where players start to unconsciously think about the PC’s knowledge in one pool of knowledge and their own in another without it being as much of an exercise.

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