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Synergy for Dungeon Talk 38

Here are the cards that Matt Parody (@MattParody) sent to us.  Feel free to submit your own ideas and we’ll cover them on our upcoming DT and post on here and the Facebook page.

Theros booster
Ill-tempered cyclops
Fleetfeather sandals
Heliod’s Emissary
Spear of Heliod
Guardians of Meletis
Two-headed Cerberus
Artisan’s Sorrow
Cavern Lampad
Arena Athlete
Sedge Scorpion
Battlewise Valor
Traveling Philosopher
Time to Feed
Baleful Eidolon





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    • That One GM on February 11, 2014 at 1:32 pm
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    Hmm… those are all very interesting cards. I have a couple of good ideas, but I’m having trouble getting them to mesh. Hopefully I’ll have something thrown together soon. Looking forward to hearing your take on these.

    • That One GM on February 14, 2014 at 9:43 am
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    Beware, this is a long one.

    Opening: Meletis is an ancient city with a rich and magical history. Meletis is ruled by a line of pharaohs (magical priest-kings) who always take the name Heliod (without the suffix II, III, etc.). The PCs are agents of Heliod; men and women singled out at birth and trained from a young age to be specialists in the service of Heliod. The game begins with the PCs receiving orders from their superior, the philosopher, diplomat, advisor, and consort of Heliod, to enter the Barren Forest south of Meletis and return with the Fleetfeather Sandals. They are given the Spear of Heliod, a high-quality weapon which has been enchanted to point unerringly towards the Fleetfeather Sandals.

    Much of the action of the game is likely to happen in the Barren Forest.
    – The Fleetfeather Sandals are several days’ journey by horse into the forest.
    – The PCs must pass through a long, dark tunnel in the forest. In this tunnel, they encounter a Cavern Lampad. This Fae creature claims to have fallen from her star and gotten lost in this series of tunnels. She begs the PCs to help her find her way out of the tunnels and to find a way back to her star.
    – At the end of the tunnel is the ill-tempered Cyclops. This giant is very powerful and very angry. The falling Lampad destroyed his hut and he has been waiting at the tunnel for several days, since he is too large to enter it.
    – – – This monster is way above the PCs’ pay-grade, but with the help of the Spear of Heliod and with the Lampad’s meager powers, they might be able to slay it. It would be easier to sneak past it by night or to trick it in some way.
    – Sedge Scorpions are found throughout the Barren Forest, but a swarm of them infests the dry clearing in which the Fleetfeather Sandals are found.
    – The spirit of Heliod is attached to the Fleetfeather Sandals. This is the real Heliod, who died only a week ago while secretly traveling through the forest. He simply wants to find peace and pass on to the afterlife he has earned.
    – – – Upon hearing about the powers of the Fleetfeather Sandals, the Lampad realizes that they are the only way she can return to her star. She begs the PCs to allow her to borrow them. Once she returns to her star, she can send the sandals back to the PCs via starlight the next night.
    – Multiple Two-Headed Cerberuses are scouring the forest searching for the spirit of Heliod. These are monsters which have come from the Underworld and seek to unfairly drag the spirit of Heliod back with them.
    – Heliod’s Emissary appears to the PCs on the night after they find the Fleetfeather Sandals. It bears a message from Meletis and warns the PCs of trickster spirits that dwell in the forest and that they should be wary of its illusions and lies. This emissary was sent from the consort as insurance against the possibility of the old Heliod’s spirit surviving; there is no trickster spirit.
    – At their return to the tunnel after finding the Fleetfeather Sandals, the PCs find the whole cave system filled with Dirt Dragons (Groundlings). These creatures were driven out by the Lampad’s fall and kept at bay by the ill-tempered Cyclops. If the Cyclops was not slain, then it seems to have wandered off.
    – – – If the PCs do not allow the Lampad to borrow the Fleetfeather Sandals, she intends to stay in the tunnels, near the site of her fall, and hope that one of her sisters descends to find her soon. She is very unwilling to venture to Meletis, but it is possible that the PCs might convince her. If the Lampad accompanies the PCs, she will use her powers to help them. If they let her borrow the sandals, she is true to her word and returns them the next night along with a powerful magical item or enchantment.

    The rest of the game’s action should take place in Meletis:
    – As the PCs finally exit the Barren Forest, a great crashing of trees is heard behind them. If they did not slay the Cyclops, this is what comes crashing through the trees behind them. If they did slay the Cyclops, this is it’s stronger mate seeking revenge. Either way, the Cyclops has a pack of Dirt Dragons on tethers with it.
    – – – The Cyclops will chase the PCs all the way to the edge of Meletis if they run.
    – At the entrance to Meletis, the giant enchanted Guardians refuse to allow them to enter. They detain (or attempt to detain) the PCs in the watchhouse with the help of the mortal watchmen. The Guardians are strong foes, resistant (but not immune) to most mortal magic.
    – – – If the PCs ran from the Cyclops, the Guardians and watchmen at first attempt to detain the PCs, but then find themselves busy fighting the Cyclops.
    – If the PCs are detained, they are approached by their superior and asked to hand over the Fleetfeather Sandals and the Spear of Heliod. The consort promises to release the PCs and explains that it is a misunderstanding. As soon as she possesses the sandals, she instructs the Guardians and watchmen to imprison the PCs.
    – – – If the PCs avoid detainment, they meet the consort and her escort of guards partway to the palace. She thanks the PCs and asks for the spear and sandals, requesting that the PCs return to the palace and await forthcoming instructions.
    – – – If the PCs are imprisoned, they meet a famous athlete and secret son of the old Heliod (the spirit). He was imprisoned while the PCs were gone and is scheduled to be secretly executed. Together, he helps the PCs escape prison and return to the palace.
    – PCs who are awaiting instructions will find that the secret son of the old Heliod breaks into the palace through their windows! He quickly explains himself and his suspicions that the consort is plotting something evil.
    – The consort is indeed conducting a dark ritual which will undo the magic of both the Fleetfeather Sandals and the Spear of Heliod. This power will be channeled into the consort herself, granting her the semi-godlike powers of Heliod and effectively making her immortal.
    – – – In this final confrontation, the PCs must face the Defenders of Meletis, smaller versions of the Guardians which have been in secret production. One of their defining features is the rotating crossbows that fire a flurry of arrows.
    – Assuming the PCs stop the ritual, the spirit of Heliod bestows his power and title upon his son, who richly rewards the PCs. If consort completes the ritual and dispels the spirit of the old Heliod, when she is slain her power returns to the Spear and the son of Heliod claims it and his birthright of rulership.

    Well, I was trying to present the synergy idea in a different format this time, but it ended up kind of the same. Next time you do this, maybe there’ll be more creature and NPC cards, and I’ll do a set of motivations for a sandbox adventure, rather than a linear plot. Lots of fun, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with!

    1. That One GM,
      Thanks for the post. I am actively NOT READING it yet. I’m still working on my own and don’t want to cross pollinate.

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