Apr 16

Movie Days ep 1 – Dungeons & Dragons the Movie

Hello all,

Well as promised a while ago, here is Episode # 1 of our new Podcast: Show & Tell. Essentially this is our take of the How Did This Get Made Podcast (of which, I am a huge fan) where we will be watching D&D or RPG related movies and then discussing them afterwards.

Our first movie was, of course, Dungeons & Dragons the Movie.

We hope this will become a regular podcast, but that doesn’t mean it will be on a time schedule. Only that we want to do it again. Our next feature will be Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God.

Hope you enjoy!


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Michael – AKA Mumbles


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  1. Hilarious

    • Jonathon on July 29, 2014 at 2:21 pm
    • Reply

    OMG… Rock band of the 80’s. Head bangin’ LOL

    Wow!!! That is some BIG LOVE that Courtney Solomon had for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D); 45 million dollars to make and only brought in 33 million. Bummer.

    So before I decided to comment, I had to watch it again. I actually found it a bit better from what I remember seeing it over a decade ago.


    Overall I was still brought down by this movie bringing down the D&D name.

    The movie seemed like just another fantasy movie and then he threw the D&D name on it. I expected to see a lot of references to people, places, or items in the D&D world. Just a couple of different races, weapons and armor did not scream D&D. Since it was set in a non-Greyhawk, non-Forgotten Realms area, I could see the lack of name and places, but more creatures from the Monster Manual, not just the dragons and a beholder, could have helped out.

    I tend to go to movies for the effects, which were actually pretty good; lightning blast, warping wormhole, dissolving name, etc… The dragons did seem a bit anorexic.

    Movies, just like books, have been around too long that there are no more original ideas out there; you can find other movie references in all.

    Yes that metallic blue lipstick on Damodar was too much to look at. Definitely Evan, a -5 on intimidate checks. LOL

    I would have to say that Marlon Wayans’ little quips were just enough to keep you going till his next one; his acting is a good reason to watch the movie. His kleptomaniac tendencies reminded me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places when he first started being a rich person. Wayans’ death was inserted for the attachment/revenge of a love one.

    As for the next Dungeons & Dragons movies (Wrath of the Dragon God and The Book of Vile Darkness) that came out through the Syfy channel, not theater; please stop killing the name.

    All D&D players, especially Dungeon Masters, should watch this movie so they can know what not to do to destroy their campaigns.

    Love the transition break of a film real running from topic to topic.

    I looked through and noticed that there are no more Show & Tell episodes; anymore in the future?

    Keep on talkin’



    1. Jonathon,
      It’s an interesting movie all the way around. Currently there is a legal battle of who has the Rights. Hasbro things they do and want to develop a big-screen movie (Ala Lord of the Rings) but Courtney and his company claim they still own the Rights and it’s currently going to trial. As much as I like that he loves the brand and wants to make movies, I hope Hasbro ends up with the Rights (Maybe they’ll work out a deal??) so we can get a 100 million dollar budget movie. They made Battleship!! Surely they can get a D&D movie going.

      As for new Show and Tells, yes. We recently discussed this on twitter and it came up and we added a milestone on our Patreon campaign and we recently hit that so now once a month we decide what movie to watch (this month’s is D&D Wrath of the Dragon God) and then we are going to do a google hangout and talk about it and record it for the show. Caleb and I are participating and we’re opening it up on any Patron at $1.00 or more to join us.
      We are recording this week (7/30) and I hope to to have it out as a bonus episode within a few weeks, but it will likely be after GenCon.

      Thanks, as always, for listening.


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