Jun 01

Show & Tell: Ep 8 – No Thank You, Evil!


Hello and welcome to Show & Tell the Podcasts from The Rpg Academy where we bring on guests to talk about something new and cool we want them to show us and tell us all about! (Get it?)

For this episode we haveΒ Shanna Germain, one of the guiding spirits behind Monte Cook games as well as the lead designer of a currently kickstarting RPG for kids and parents called No Thank You, Evil! check out the Kickstarter here

No Thank You, Evil! Website

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  1. That is a pretty cool game from the looks of it. It reminds me of one that I kickstarted which was Siblings Trouble, but quite different in how it plays, both are Role Playing Games for kids and families, which to me is really cool. I’m someone who I consider myself quite creative, but I know that isn’t something that is considered to be all that awesome a trait for growing kids and schools generally cut creative stuff before more logic based stuff. So to able to play with your kids and get them to interact socially, albeit in a crazy world, should be fun and I think will help create more well rounded individuals in the future.

  2. Found the interview really inspiring. Can’t wait to play with my kids when they’re old enough. I completely understand what you mean about not wanting to put them off, though! “Oh Dad, not D&D again!” πŸ˜› Let’s hope we both take the right approach and our kids will love it as much as we do!

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