Aug 13

Show & Tell: Ep 12 Zodiac Empires


Hello and welcome to Show & Tell the Podcasts from The Rpg Academy where we bring on guests to talk about something new and cool we want them to show us and tell us all about! (Get it?)

For this episode we have Brad Diamond, lead designer of Zodiac Empires; a new campaign setting from him and his team that is both Pathfinder and D&D 5e compatible.  Brad has been working on this campaign setting for years and with the help of his teammates and some incredible artists have brought this to Kickstarter to create a new community oriented Living Campaign world. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode as well as check out their Kickstarter and help bring Zodiac Empires to life.


Zodiac Empires Kickstarter Campaign.


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  1. That sounded really cool. As a new DM (novice at this point in time is probably more accurate than new), and someone who has created my own world to play in, it’s good to hear that other people are doing that as well. I definitely don’t know about the actual D&D realms, so I’d like to run stuff there but wouldn’t know how without kind of just messing everything up.

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