Jan 29

Show and Tell : BattleBards Launch Day!


Hello students! Professor Crunch here with a very special Show and Tell episode. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Alex from BattleBards. This amazing library of gaming audio and fantastic suite of editing tools is set to launch on February 1st! I love everything about BattleBards. You absolutely need to take advantage of everything that BattleBards has to offer.

And as a special treat for all you lucky people, BattleBards has given us an outstanding special offer! Use the discount code below to get…wait for it…free tracks!

At checkout, enter the following codes to get your free goodies:
RPGA1 if you’re purchasing the $10 or $25 packs
RPGA2 if you’re purchasing the $50 or $100 packs
RPGA3 if you’re purchasing the $150 or $300 packs

Thanks for listening, and check out BattleBards as soon as they launch on February 1!

Comments and Feedback are always welcome.

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  1. That was very cool to hear about the different things that they can see BattleBards being used for. It sounds like a very cool system and something that I might eventually add either to the recording my actual play or maybe start working them into the game as I go along, I just need to get a bit more organized first.

    • Jerry H. on February 8, 2016 at 12:52 pm
    • Reply

    I’m currently running a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire rpg campaign. I was excited to hear that sci-fi sounds may be coming in the future. I was also pleased to hear that BB works on tablets. IMO, a laptop just takes up too much space at the game table.

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