Mar 09

Show and Tell 39: The Last Garden w/ NPC Chris


Hello and welcome to Show & Tell # 39: The Last Garden with Chris Rowlands Aka. NPC Chris. In this episode I speak to Chris about his currently Kickstartering game: The Last Garden.  The Last Garden is the first major release for Chris and his design partner Matt Christianson through their design company: OneThousandXP 

We discuss the game and why you should back it but we also get into a deep dive, nuts -n- bolts discussion about running a Kickstarter and how to work with manufacturers to get a game made.  If you are thinking about running a Kickstarter then you owe it to yourself to listen.

Things we discuss:

The Last Garden Kickstarter

Board Game Design Time Youtube

Jamey Stegmaier Blog:

James Mathe Blog

Game Crafter

Print and Play Games

Drive Thru Cards



Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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