Oct 17

Show and Tell 34: Playbook Essentials for Android


Hello and welcome to Show & Tell, the podcasts from The Rpg Academy where we bring on guests to talk about something new and cool that we want them to show us and tell us all about! (Get it?)

Today’s guests are Evan, Project Manager and Vincent, Director of Sales & Marketing for Trapdoor technologies and today’s something cool is their application Playbook.  Currently Playbook for Pathfinder is available in the iOS App store. First month is free and a $2/month subscription fee after.  We spend about 1/2 our time today talking about this current program.  The rest we spend talking about their current Kickstarter campaign to fund brining a version of Playbook to the Android platform.  Playbook Essentials takes all the most loved and requested features of Playbook and will make it available for Android users. As a bonus it will also include the new D&D 5e OGL information as well.

I hope you enjoy our show and please take a moment to check out their Kickstarter HERE.  It ends on Tuesday 11/01.


You can also get more information about Playbook by visiting their website HERE.

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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  1. Peder Swendsrud

    I don’t play Pathfinder, but this seems like a really cool product. It would be something that would be really nice at a gaming table (as long as the players don’t use it to surf the web as well), but could make it much cleaner at the table.

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