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Hello and welcome to the Trial of WUSHU the Ancient art of Action Roleplaying


For this series we have have a special GM, long time friend of the show Andrew aka @ThatOneGM putting our original The Trial players through an epic space time ghost pirate ninja romp through the mega-ether-verse-time-continum-ary.

The first episode is about 3/4 character generation and then we jump into the action.


I am playing Van Darn a TimeCop not unlike, but not copyright infringement  of Van Damme (@theRpgAcademy)

Caleb is playing Larry Smeshen a Private Eye Wizard from Chicago (@TheCalebG)

Matthew is playing Red VI a dinosaur who wears a genetically modified sentient Trench coat  ( @MattParody )

And making his triumphant return to the show is Scott playing a swarm of sentient squirrels that make up the form of an alternate history Annie Oakley.  (@Pachetra)


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