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Shadow of the Demon Lord


Hello and welcome to the Trial of Shadow of the Demon Lord (SotDL). This is a brand new game by RPG Luminary Robert J. Schwalb.  Rob has a long list of games he has been a part of including multiple versions of D&D as the Song of Ice and Fire RPG. This game, SotDL is the first product released under his own company SchwalbEntertainment.  The game is being Kickstarted now (March, 2015) and funded on its first day and is currently heading toward some great Stretch Goals.  Assuming there is still time, I hope you’ll check the Kickstarter campaign out.


Faculty Meeting # 73: Interview with Robert J. Schwalb: SotDL

The Trial of SotDL: Episode 1 – Bringing the Thunder

The Trial of SotDL: Episode 2 – Have a Nice Trip

The Trial of SotDL: Episode 3 – Grab & Smash

Faculty Meeting # 74: SotDL recap and Review

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