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Tearable RPG

The Field Trip into a Tearable 80’s Action Flick


Hello and welcome to A Field Trip into a Tearable 80’s Action Flick.  In this episode we are joined by Network member and Associate Professor Jim McClure (of Talking Tabletop ) as well as Emily from Talking Tabletop Hero’s Journey as we try out Jim’s new rules lite game system: The Tearable RPG.  Originally written (or wrotten – if you prefer) for a 200 word RPG design contest, the Tearable RPG has been refined. It is sill super simple and fun.  Essentially you write any 6 skills you want on a regular sheet of paper.  To use a skill you have to tear a piece of your character sheet off – which there are rules as to how you can do this and how big of piece must be ripped) and if you succeed so does your action.  That’s it. Like most rules light system is favors over of the top silly play – which is perfect for our group.


Jim – the Game Master = @GMJimMclure

Emily – Trixie – Not on twitter

Brad – Slick McGee – @ForceandDestiny

Travis – Barry = @notourtravis

Ryan – Moose = @teleporta

Michael – Garth “G Man” = @TheRpgAcademy


If you’d like to try out the Tear-able RPG at your table you can grab copy for Pay what you want (I.e. Free) at Drivethru RPG here!