Sep 15

Live Play Podcast – Coming Soon!

Hello all, Evan and I have been working toward recording our D&D Games and then posting them on the site.  Our current issue has been the audio quality. We play in my basement which is unfinished so it’s cavernous and does not have very good acoustics.  On top of that, the furnace kicks on and …

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Sep 15

The Random-izer

The Random-izer The First thing you need to know about the Random-izer is that I, Michael AKA-Mumbles, roll 2d20’s for everything when I play. I haven’t “always” done this, but I have done it for a very long time.  Psychologically I think my dice roll better when I do this. I always use two different …

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Sep 14

Running a Successful Campaign: Tips & Tricks for Week 4

Weekly Tip/Trick for Friday, September 14, 2012:    Keep it Simple – Another way to burn out players is by over complicating things.  One thing that has frustrated me in the past is when DM’s create these huge elaborate mazes/puzzles that take the group FOREVER to solve.  If the group is spending hours relying on the …

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Sep 08

Dungeon Talk Episode Disclaimer

Hi all. It just sort of hit me today that on Itunes our podcasts feature the Explicit tag since we do occasionally use adult language. However, we don’t have any sort of disclaimer on our webpage. So now we do. if you go to the Dungeon Talk Page I’ve added a header about the possibility …

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Sep 07

Running a Successful Campaign: Tips & Tricks for Week 3

Weekly Tip/Trick for Friday, September 7, 2012:    3.  Think Ahead– This may sound like an obvious one, but keep in mind, players don’t know everything that you know.  Don’t expect players to figure out something just because the answer is simple or right in front of them.  You also can’t expect players to remember everything …

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Sep 06

Dungeon Talk Episode 5: More than Necessary

Michael and I took vacations and just got back this week so we recorded and will resume our weekly game this Monday.  We had another guest with us this week.  His name is Jared and he recently joined our weekly game.  He has been playing for many years and has a lot of DM xp. …

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Aug 31

Running a Successful Campaign: Tips & Tricks for Week 2

Weekly Tip/Trick for Friday, August 31, 2012:    Have a Contingency Plan – The best advice anyone has ever given me, when it comes to running games, was to always have a contingency plan.  This could be anything from a random NPC (non-playable character) you create, to a surprise encounter.  I used to play with a …

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Aug 24

Running a Successful Campaign: Tips & Tricks

Weekly Tip/Trick for August 24, 2012:  Introduction When I first started running games, no one really gave me any useful tips or general rules of thumb to go by.  All I had were the books and my own creativity.  Although the books help, they can also create headaches and overwhelm those new to running games …

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Aug 23

Dungeon Talk Episode 4: A New Home

Well here we are at our new home.  The first 9 or 10 minutes is Michael discussing what happened with the old website and why we decided to move.  The first topic begins after that.  We also have a guest with us, his name is Rob and he plays in our current weekly game. Table …

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Aug 22

Helpful Tools

Following are a few tools I use on a regular basis: 1.  Monster Advancer (Monster builder / Encounter designer): 2.  HeroForge 3.5, 4E and Pathfinder RPG File Repository (This website consists of various useful tools created by other diehard d&d fans. Just click on whichever version of D&D you want: D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, or 4th edition): …

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