May 19

Lawful & Orderly – S 1, Ep 3 – Target Practice (part 2)


Lawful & Orderly #DnDSVU

Lawful & Orderly: Special Visions Unit


Welcome to Lawful & Orderly: Special Visions Unit!

Lawful & Orderly is a light-hearted fantasy police procedural set in the magical city of Lan Arcanym. Lawful & Orderly is played using D&D 5th edition, but the rules come second to the story. Each episode is broken into two parts, but you don’t need to have listened to any other episodes in order to follow the story. We follow the detectives of the High Guard as they (attempt to) solve crimes.

This series streams every Monday at 8:00 pm EST on our Twitch channel: If you tune in for the live Twitch stream, you can be a member of our jury and determine the outcome of our cases! The audio for this episode was pulled directly from the Twitch stream, so it may not meet the standards you’re used to. You can also watch this episode in full on our YouTube page.

Our GM for this episode was Andrew J. Young, and our players were Scott Brown (as Illyn Brownfeet and Bark the dog) and Marty McGuire (as Aaron “Tweet” Twillson).

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