Aug 14

House Rule: The Matrix – Just the basics

Morpheus: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

You would create the Matrix by having each of your Players roll a stat in turn using whatever method you would normally use.  You would record them in order going left to right (row 1). Once you got to the 7th roll you’d drop down and then go right to left (Row 2 backwards). You would repeat this process until you have 36 stats which would be recorded as below.


16 10 9 7 12 14
12 16 11 10 11 15
9 15 11 9 11 11
15 12 14 17 14 14
17 13 8 11 11 14
13 12 10 16 12 14


Now that you have all 36 stats rolled you would allow your Players to negotiate and select which State Line they want to use for their Character.  Two Players can use the same Row, Column or Axis but one of them would have to use it in reverse order.

Using this method with a normal party size of 4-6 each Player should be able to find a stat line that works well for their character class or build.  I like this method as it allows each Player to be a part of all the Character’s creation. It requires some negotiations and cooperation between the Players before the game even starts and it also allows for some wiggle room in the Stats – if one person just really tanks their rolls you’re probably going to let them re-roll, but they may end up with a character severally under-powered compared to the rest.

If you use the Matrix in one of your games, leave some comments on how it worked.



– Michael, AKA Professor Mumbles


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