Oct 29

Field Trip Wushuper Friends Halloween Special pt 1


Hello and welcome to A special edition our Field Trips. For this Field Trip we jump back once again to my childhood and the 1982* cartoon Challenge of the Super-Friends but we do it by the cracked mirror of Wushu so this is Challenge of the Wushuper Friends.


*turns out this cartoon was from the 70’s but i’m quite sure I watched it in the early 80’s and we really screw up the timeline anyway – so just don’t worry about it.


For our Halloween special we have once again enlisted the playing and vocal talents ofย ย Associate Professor and friend of the show Andrew Young ( @ThatOneGM) and regular Faculty Member Matt Parody (@MattParody) and Scott B. (@GeoWtf).


I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful and so absurd!

    I love it!

    Makes me wish I had signed up for a Wushu game at AcadeCon, but I really do want to actually play D&D and Star Wars games since those are the two systems I have, and I haven’t ever been a player in either.

    But that was really fun and a fun time. It’s always a good time listening to Wushu.

  2. I love Wushu! It is my absolute favorite system to play in. It can’t do everything, but what it does, it does VERY well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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