Oct 19

Field Trip to Vasiley’s Woe – episode 4

logoHello and welcome to another exciting Field Trip from The RPG Academy Podcast. This time we are heading into the land of Imperiums a campaign setting for Pathfinder and now on Kickstarter to be converted to D&D 5e.


Vasiley’s Woe is the second of four interconnected modules that make up an entire campaign arc. The first of the four, Feast Hall of Ash, was featured on One Shot Podcast and you can listen to those episodes here. It’s not necessary to do so as we are not strictly continuing that story and our characters are newly introduced. But it’s a great module and One Shot always does a good job. It’s worth a listen.

As mentioned above, there is currently a Kickstarter to fund this campaign series to are converted to D&D 5E. It has already funded but can always use some extra love. Please go and check it out here

William, the author of this campaign series will also be at AcadeCon 2016. Look for him there.

Please note: This is a Pathfinder module and it has been a long time since I ran D&D 3.5. I’ve never run Pathfinder. I made mistakes with the rules. Please associate those with us and not the module.


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  1. This is fun to listen to. What do you feel, Michael, about running a module versus your normal original content? It took me a little bit to get into the episodes, but they are enjoyable, and the story is progressing in an interesting way. Seeing as this the second module, I’m assuming it’s built with less of a hook to start than the first module.

    1. Peder,

      I was asked a while back about how to prepare for a module vs. home-brew and this is the first module i’ve actually ran in a long long time, so it was an experience. I took some heavy liberties with the module because I had to fix mistakes I had already made. But I learned a lot. I’m running another module this weekend and after that I want to do a future Faculty Meeting where I discuss my thoughts going into the first one and what I learned for the 2nd.


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