Aug 11

Field Trip to Savage Ghostbusters ep 3


Hello and welcome to A Field Trip to Savage Ghostbusters. The Field Trip is the newest Actual Play series of podcasts from The Rpg Academy. In the Field trip we’ll be using a different set of systems and a revolving cast of players for a series of one-off / One-shot adventures. Unlike The Trials which are focused on learning the rules of the system a Field Trip is just about the adventure – so rules may or may not be used correctly.


For our this field trip we go back to 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio to the local chapter of the Ghostbuster Franchise with Reginold (played by Michael – @TheRpgAcademy), Hand the Tank, Jr (played by Ryan – @Teleporta) and G.I. John Wayan (Played by Jim McClure – @GMJimMcClure)

In this first episode we meet the crew, learn a lot about them and I like to think about ourselves, but most importantly – we get a job.


To learn more about Savage Worlds or Savage Ghostbusters specifically, please visit Pinnacle Entertainment Group


Special thinks to T. Jordon “Greywolf” Peacock who created the Savage Ghostbusters setting.


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    • Peder on August 11, 2015 at 3:11 pm
    • Reply

    That was a pleasant ending, and I wish that there was more. Maybe something to be revisited with another “episode” sometime in the future, that would be my hope. That definitely a fun way to tell the story, and I think even without having the rules talk like happens often, it was something that I was definitely getting how it was working.

  1. Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it. I really wasn’t sure it would be funny to anyone but us.
    Savage Worlds is a fun system – I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried. It’s very adaptable and easy to run. Essentially everything you want to do has a die type (4,6,8, 10,12 and rarely a 20) associated and you roll it. For most stuff all you need is a 4. so a bigger die = a greater chance for success. If you max a die out (so a 4 on a d4, a 6 on a d6) it ‘explodes’ meaning you roll again and add to the total. This can happen infinitely. I’ve had as high as mid twenties on a D6 roll. All Player Characters are also “Wild cards’ meaning they get to roll a secondary die, called the wild die (it’s a d6 unless you take a feat to make it bigger) so you roll both die,either or both can exploded and you take the best result.

    It runs fast and smooth. It is designed for mini’s so our style of combat does require some hand waving and best of all, the core book is only like 20 bucks.

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