Jul 21

Field Trip to Red Larch Episode 4


Hello and welcome to A Field Trip to Red Larch. The Field Trip is the newest Actual Play series of podcasts from The Rpg Academy. In the Field trip we’ll be using a different set of systems and a revolving cast of players for a series of one-off / One-shot adventures. Unlike The Trials which are focused on learning the rules of the system a Field Trip is just about the adventure – so rules may or may not be used correctly.


For our first Field Trip Rocky (@LaffinJoker) takes our characters into the city of Red Larch which is the opening section of the Princes of the Apocalypse module for DnD 5e – so Spoiler alert if you have not yet read or played that module and plan on it.


Our cast for this adventure

Michael F (@Verjaeger1) playing a Water Genasi Cleric named Saltabe

Jared (@Jman091510) playing an Earth Genasi Druid named Bantor

Michael (@TheRpgAcademy) playing a Fire Genasi Wild-magic Sorceror named Val’Sean


I am continuing to work at adding sound effects, thanks mostly to @BattleBards but for this series I had to also find some sounds on-line at Freesound.org and TabletopAudio


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  1. That did feel a little bit rushed at the end, and the fact it was primarily combat, there weren’t as many good role playing moments. But I’d definitely like to see these characters revisited. Also, there was a lot of word play, that was very enjoyable.

    I think overall if you could have played through this as a module for a longer campaign it would have come across better as you really would have been able to spend time role playing and slowly looking into and figuring out some of the other mysteries that were alluded to earlier on, without having to jump around as much.

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