Nov 11

Field Trip to Marvel FASERIP ep 1


Hello and welcome to A Field Trip to Mid-town High. A fictional High School in New York City and site of an impending disaster. We’re playing TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes RPG known as FASERIP.  The Field Trip is the newest Actual Play series of podcasts from The Rpg Academy. In the Field trip we’ll be using a different set of systems and a revolving cast of players for a series of one-off / One-shot adventures. Unlike The Trials which are focused on learning the rules of the system a Field Trip is just about the adventure – so rules may or may not be used correctly.


For our this field trip we go back to 1984 in the Marvel Universe as the students of Mid-town High assemble for a D.A.R.E Lecture



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  1. That sounded like a lot of fun. Yeah, I was wondering how they were going to do damage, I forgot from the beginning when they were talking about combo-ing, and then all of a sudden they didn’t. So things seem to be built around percentile die?

    1. Yes – the whole system is % based. On the back cover is a chart that has the $ rolls on one axis and the power levels on the other. On a roll you just cross index the number rolled by the power level to get one of 4 results. White = Miss, Green = Hit, Yellow = Hit and possibility of effect, Red = Hit with possibility of effect. The effect depends on the type of weapon or power being used. It’s most often a stun or a slam but can also be a Kill. I don’t think combo’s work exactly the way I was doing it, but it fit the theme we were going for with the origin story of a new Super Hero team: The Mid-town Marvels!!

    • Baldore on November 27, 2015 at 8:14 pm
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    So, the group I’m in decided to do a Superhero Roleplay….and our normal DM apparently has this system saved back. So, my group will actually be playing the FASERIP Marvel. Perfect timing for the Field Trip! Thanks!

    1. awesome! Our version was not very close to the rules – so keep that in mind – but have fun!

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