Dec 25

Field Trip into Rokugan, Teaser


Here is a special Christmas treat.  As short teaser of the next Field Trip series. A cross over with both One Shot Podcast and talking Tabletop as we do Legend of the five Rings, part two.


Episode one will be out in early January.


Hello and welcome to a special Field Trip. This is a Field Trip to Rokugan as we continue the exploits started on the L5R game featured on OneShot podcast. We have re-gathered the original cast plus Kat Kuhl who join the group as a Kuni witch hunter known as The Jade Blade.

If you have not yet listened to the episodes from the OneShot podcast, or its been a while, I highly recommend you take a listen first.

L5R on OneShot, episode 1

L5R on OneShot, episode 2

L5R on OneShot, episode 3

L5R on OneShot, episode 4


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