Jan 28

Field Trip into Rokugan, ep 5 – Ronin


Hello and welcome to a special Field Trip. This is a Field Trip to Rokugan as we continue the exploits started on the L5R game featured on OneShot podcast. We have re-gathered the original cast plus Kat Kuhl who join the group as a Kuni witch hunter known as The Jade Blade.

If you have not yet listened to the episodes from the OneShot podcast, or its been a while, I highly recommend you take a listen first.

L5R on OneShot, episode 1

L5R on OneShot, episode 2

L5R on OneShot, episode 3

L5R on OneShot, episode 4

If you missed episode 1 of our series: Friends, Old and New. you can listen to that here

If you missed episode 2 of our series: Playing to our Strengths, you can listen to that here.

If you missed episode 3 of our series: Disarmed, you can listen to that here.

If you missed episode 4 of our series: Kamanari, you can listen to that here.



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1 comment

  1. Holy Hell in a Hand Basket!

    I seriously hope that you do part three sometime. That is intense, and so different to listen to than your normal D&D game, but the L5R story is just fascinating, and I love the depth of story and heavy levels of intrigue that are going on, simply brilliant. I applaud you all for this amazing string of episodes from those on One Shot Podcast to here, they have been amazing.

    Also, very nice extra ending scene and setting up a possible L5R 3.

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