Jan 14

Field Trip into Rokugan, ep 3 – disarmed


Hello and welcome to a special Field Trip. This is a Field Trip to Rokugan as we continue the exploits started on the L5R game featured on OneShot podcast. We have re-gathered the original cast plus Kat Kuhl who join the group as a Kuni witch hunter known as The Jade Blade.

If you have not yet listened to the episodes from the OneShot podcast, or its been a while, I highly recommend you take a listen first.

L5R on OneShot, episode 1

L5R on OneShot, episode 2

L5R on OneShot, episode 3

L5R on OneShot, episode 4

If you missed episode 1 of our series: Friends, Old and New. you can listen to that here

If you missed episode 2 of our series: Playing to our Strengths, you can listen to that here.


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    • Ben on January 17, 2016 at 1:53 am
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    No other podcast I have listened to has had so many edge of the seat moments. these are masterfully done and I cant wait to hear more of what I am choosing to believe is just the second “season” of this L5R campaign because I am an eternal optimist.

    1. Ben,
      Thank you for listening. This series is absolutely a team effort and I know that Caleb and I would happily work with James/Kat/Jim as often as we we are able, but there are lots of factors involved to make that happen.

      As a soft plug, if you are interested in conventions, we started our own (called AcadeCon) which this year will be in Dayton Ohio in November. James,Kat, Jim and Caleb and I should all be there. not sure if we’ll be able to do L5R part 3 but it’s a great time to hang out and play games.

      Thanks again!

    • Ben on January 17, 2016 at 12:25 pm
    • Reply

    Sounds fantastic I have been looking for a good convention since PAX got so massive and difficult to enjoy.

    1. Ben,
      Fantastic. We’ll be posting about it soon and certainly we’ll have episodes of our show out with all of them as well.


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