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Michael: AKA Professor Fluff Twitter@TheRpgAcademy Michael@TheRpgAcademy(dot)Com

I’ve been playing RPG’s since I was 12. I started with the Mentzer Red box and have been hooked ever since.  Despite being involved in RPG’s for almost 28 years I’ve played very little. I am almost always the DM, but since I love DM’ing i’m okay with that.  As a DM I tend to be more story focused and have been known to fudge a die roll or two if it serves the greater story. I crave good Role Playing and Character moments. I don’t always act out or do voices, but I try to keep my NPC’s acting as they would act in the situations they are in. I also don’t do combat in my games – unless I do, and never rule out Time Travel as the answer to a mystery.

Besides RPG’s I’m growing into a Boardgame geek as well, I’m already a Movie Geek and not sure if anyone knows, but I’d like to be a Writer some day.  I have a lovely wife and two minions that I hope to bring up loving RPG’s as much as I do.








@TheCalebG AKA Crunch Master
















Scott B. @geowtf

I’ve played paper and pencil RPGs off and on for less than 20 years. I started in Palladium, of all systems, and moved on to GURPS, Marvel, and some In Nomine before I finally tried D&D 3rd edition. D&D has hosted my longest running games of a few years each. My favorite PC was with a group of new and soft-spoken players where I volunteered to play a mute character, so that I wouldn’t dominate the table and game accidentally; it turned out to be a complex and compelling character in a three year epic. During my time with The RPG Academy I’ve enjoyed trying some of the shiny new systems in this current Indy wave, most notably in the FAE Deadlands game where I played Tetabiakte Martín Maldonado de Jesús.








Matthew Parody Twitter: @MattParody

Matthew Parody, the Improv Prof., was born on the 25th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood and the world has never been the same. In the years of the Roman Republic he was known as Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus. In the present he is an aspiring actor who does a lot of free-form comedy. He was the co-star of a local Long Island public access television show, Zam Zex, and had a principal role in Reality Kills: The Burningmoore Incident. He has two college degrees, an AA in Liberal Arts and a BA in History. He is passionate about ancient and classical history, mythology, paleontology, zoology, biology, genetics, evolution, Sci-fi, fantasy and of course, gaming.
He has performed with a great many improv troupes on Long Island and in NYC.
Matthew is currently the Artistic Director of IPA Comedy, look them up on the Google & Facebook.





Nick B. @Crispy951

It all started with video games.  I was an addict by the 6th grade walking around the playground with my head buried in my Gameboy playing Pokemans. It didn’t end their though, it was everything really fantasy books, comic books, band, it all contributed.  What better way to top off the geek junk addiction than by discovering a love of tabletop RPGs.  Brad K was the pusher and got me in deep quick.

Fast forward a few years and in addition to the tabletop games I’ve now grown quite obsessed with the new wave of board games that never stop being released and the yearly trip to GenCon. 

What a great time to be a nerd.







Twitter @NotOurTravis

I started my journey to nerdhood at the young age of four years old with my companion the Nintendo Entertainment System. I spent marvelous hours blasting away at Dr. Wily’s creations with the blue bomber or jumping on evil shrooms just to find out my princess was in another castle. It was in 2008 that I discovered RPGs and the magic of tabletop adventuring. I was in the Army surrounded by miles of Iraq sand stationed on some base in a city that I can’t even begin to spell. There I was consumed by reality and needed a desperate escape from its clutches. When all of a sudden a fellow soldier suggested we get all hopped on monster and play some Dungeons and Dragons. After the first session I realized this was a much needed socialized drug that I had been missing out on and it was going to keep me sane throughout my deployment. Since then we had almost weekly games of slaughtering orcs and bugbears that could only be interrupted by the occasional incoming mortar fire that we received. Since my military deployment I have                             enrolled at the RPG Academy taking on new adventures and never                         looking back.



Brad K head shot

Brad K @ForceAndDestiny

Brad K









Rocky Helton Twitter: @LaffinJoker

“I’ve been playing and dungeon mastering table top games since Advanced Dungeons & Dragons so it should come as no surprise to learn that I love to do both in the new Fifth Edition D&D. I have played Dresden Files, FATE, FAE, Pathfinder, Mouse Guard and almost every iteration of D&D and 5E is by far my favorite RPG of them all.
I have a lovely wife and two daughters which I would say I rolled three natural 20’s for and like most gamers I wish I played a lot more games. Like most wives of gamers I’m sure my wife would disagree.
You can reach me on Twitter @LaffinJoker with any questions or comments you have. I hope you love what I write as much as I loved writing it.”




Clancy AKA “Dungeon Master” PDXGeek777@Gmail(dot)com

Hello friends! I am a geek/nerd/gamer who currently calls the Pacific Northwest home. When indoors you can find me playing tabletop/video games, collecting comics, listening to music, or watching movies. I collect a wide range of comics, but I am a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. My introduction to the character was an old copy of Savage Sword of Conan that I found in my grandmother’s basement and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal in the films. I grew up watching the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Then in the late 80’s I entered the worlds of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms through the novels. Shortly after, I began playing my first tabletop adventures with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks. That was my primary system for years. I currently play a wide variety of tabletop games. A favorite at our table would be Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror. We have fun being driven insane and ultimately devoured by the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. I am a big fan of cooperative board games. We also enjoy the German-style games like Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne. I have recently made the switch from AD&D to Pathfinder. For the most part I have always been a player. This time around I’m running the show. I guess that makes me a new GM, but I prefer you call me Dungeon Master! When I’m not busy nerding out you can find me in the pub, enjoying a cold Oregon beer with friends. Don’t some of the best stories start in a tavern?






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    Important note: I will be publishing this module in PDF format regardless of the success of the funding drive.

    This URL will redirect to the project page: http://wyrmkeep.com/rpg

    Joe Pearce
    The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.

    • Dorc Holiday on December 30, 2015 at 12:20 am
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    Good morning from a wet and windy Great Britain
    I seem to have had a problem while registering

    I registered the username …Dorc Holiday
    and a password……..But the password appears tagged onto the username when I try to login

    Please help

    Ps …listened to 3.10 to hell…….Wonderful..and tells me I have found the right community for me !

    1. Dorc Holiday,
      Sorry for your trouble. You are not the first to report issues getting signed up. What others have told me is they had try again after a day or two and it worked. Please let me know if it doesn’t work on the next try and I can go in and delete the current one and we can try again.

      3:10 to Hell is a great episode. that whole series (FAE Deadlands) is one of my favorite things we’ve done. Sadly our GM for that game (Porter) moved (actually over close to you!) and we’ve not been able to get back to it.

      Thanks for listening and I hope we give you reason to continue!



    • Dorc Holiday on December 31, 2015 at 4:53 am
    • Reply

    Thankyou Michael
    I will try that.I will certainly be following the site ,but I did have another problem when searching for the D+D academy could you possibly provide a link
    Also I found Porter to be a wonderful GM ..If he is now in this country and still active I would really like to get in toiuch with him….Would you kindly forward my details to him

    • Dorc Holiday on December 31, 2015 at 5:08 am
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    Hello again
    now I am in a complete mess….can you completely delete the account that I set up and I will start over thanks
    Barry…Dorc Holiday

    • Dorc Holiday on December 31, 2015 at 5:16 am
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    Hi well I found DnD Academy
    but still having problems with getting my registration here…I feel like the guy having “A bad day at the watering hole!”

    1. Doc Holiday,
      I deleted the username Dorc Holiday. there were two of them with slightly different e-mail addresses. That might have been it. Please try again 🙂

      sorry for the trouble,


  2. Quiet night working at the bar tonight and all I can think about is that 3 weeks from now I ll be immersed in the glory of

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