Aug 25

Faculty Meeting # 99 – Armor Slippage


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 99 Armor Slippage. Caleb and I tackle the idea of using a skill check in combat to weaken or remove an NPC’s armor class.  We then spend a bit of time recapping my recent trip to GenCon.


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  1. Really fun episode, I’m very excited for AcadeCon, and listening to the stuff about GenCon makes me even more excited to go to AcadeCon, I’ve gone to other Con’s before, but none that just focus on gaming.

    And with the removing armor, I thought that Caleb’s idea was good at first, but then I realized, as you guys did while you talked it through, that for a story element and something that the players will remember, it might be more fun to just make it something that they can try and do with a skill challenge and let it be more cinematic. Just give it a roll, and behind the DM screen, you can always adjust so many things. And if you look at HP as Stamina points, it would make logical sense that someones stamina would go up once they’ve lost the weight of their armor.

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