Aug 15

Faculty Meeting # 116 – Dungeon Crawl


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 116 – Dungeon Crawl


In this episode I am joined by James Introcaso from the Don’t Split the Podcast Network which includes Tabletop Babble, the Venture Maidens and Have Spellbook Will Travel.  James is also the ENnie winning blogger behind World Builder Blog and has written adventures you can find in the DMs guild as well as for official WOTC Adventurer’s league play.


In this episode James and I discuss Dungeons!


GenCon – James has a DSPN panel on Thursday with an after party, tickets are still available.

Michael has tickets available for all 3 of our panels – Basic DMing, Advanced DMing and Intro to RPG Podcasting


Michael has a Patreon Goal of $2k/month and he can quit his day job and focus on the Academy Full time.

AcadeCon badges


Gamer’s Lexicon – Dungeon Crawl

General Assembly – Dungeon Crawl


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  1. I haven’t done many dungeons at least classically. I’ve done a single room castle but did have some puzzly rooms. I do want to do more dungeons and I like the idea of the one sessions (or one recording session) dungeon since we record two at a time. I might throw in one coming up soon, I have a spot where I can possibly treat it like that, but I’ll have to see as we’re wrapping up an arc and I don’t want to derail myself.

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