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Faculty Meeting # 110 – Learning Games


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 110 – Learning Games

In this episode Guest Co-Host Senda and I discuss:


Gamers Lexicon: Proficiency


General Assembly: Learning new games and taking pieces and parts of games into your home games.


New Student Introductions: Sage Rogue.


Find Senda on Twitter @IdellaMithylynnd

and her podcast She’s a Super Geek Here


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  1. To piggy back on something that Senda said:

    When I look at RPG’s now, I’m realizing that they are a lot like programming languages. There are a handful of different types of programming languages (I’d say about three), and within each of those types there are dozens of different languages often. But once you’ve learned one language, you have a starting base for the rest of the languages in that category. I feel like the same is true with RPG’s. If you’ve learned one D20 system, you have a solid basis for others, sure there will be other things you need to learn, but you have a basis to pick it up faster. Which is something that I’ve leveraged a bit when learning new games.

    I’ve been trying to learn some more systems with doing a podcast of the Edge of the Empire system. And my wife got the Cold Steel Wardens system as well, it’s interesting to learn different systems, and the fact that the Star Wars or D&D are the lightest of the systems, means that I’m having to really dive into them, but I enjoy it and I enjoy being able to learn so that I can teach the players. And with the one shot I did with Edge of the Empire, I think we’re going to get a regular game out of that.

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