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Faculty Meeting # 107 – Vulnerable


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 107 – Vulnerable

In this episode I am joined with Taylor from Riverhouse games (Member of The RPG Academy Network) as we discuss playing vulnerable characters.



NOTE: we do spend a bit more time chatting before the show starts than normal, so to skip straight into the discussions, jump to the 11 minute mark or so.

Gamers Lexicon: Vulnerable


General Assembly: Playing Vulnerable characters.


Cryptozoology: Shambling Mounds




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  1. That was very interesting to listen to, the idea of having vulnerable characters is challenging, but I think it gives the player more story control over their character as they build out their character by having them decide when those plot points of change happen. What is it that really matters to your character, no one knows but you, so a character who is struggling with something might not be changed by what I expect as a DM, but there could be other things that are interesting.

    I also like the crytozoology, even with only half listening. I really enjoyed hearing Taylor run down different settings. I really like the idea of having a shambling mound in a city that has infested itself through all the gardens in a neighborhood. Make it so that you have to weed it out of all the different gardens (for lack of a better term) and make it so that if gets weaker over time during a single day, otherwise it starts to regrow, maybe even have it, if it’s missed, be able to grow to the point where it is starting to take down buildings that it is growing up against, make it a weird threat like that. And since it isn’t that smart, you could have someone controlling it as well, targeting that neighborhood for some reason so they have to keep the shambling mound in check, but also try and find out who is controlling it, so they have to split their resources (possibly even the party) to solve the issue.

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