Feb 28

Faculty Meeting # 105 – Solo D&D w/ Jeff Stormer


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 105 – Solo D&D.


In this episode I am joined by Adjunct Professor Jeff Stormer (@Partofonepod)  of the Party of One Podcast and he and I discuss running a long term D&D campaign with just one player.


Guest Lecturer: Jeff Stormer – Solo D&D


Scarlet Heroes


Party of One Podcast – Dungeon Crawl Classics



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  1. Peder Swendsrud

    Really interesting to listen to. I don’t have any plans to run for one player, but I like the suggestions and I do really like the idea of minions or super minions. I’ve kind of done that where if you hit them and rolled more than a 1 on the die they were going to die, otherwise it would be just too low.

    I think that it could be fun to run a single player game as well. I think that it would lead to more serious games often because there are less people to have that interplay with like Jeff mentioned, it would be deeper.

  2. Jerry H.

    I agree. Very interesting topic. I might run a single player game at some point.

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