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Faculty Meeting # 104 – Contested Rolls


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Hello and welcome to Faculty Meetings – The general advice and discussion podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is Faculty Meeting # 104 – Contested Rolls

In this episode my favorite co-host (And yours!) TheCalebG and I discuss PvP in D&D.


Gamer’s Lexicon: PVP

General Assembly: Contested Rolls


Cryptozoology – Cockatrice


We finish up reminding you of our Patreon and reading our newest 5-star reviews.




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  1. Really good episode. I really liked talking about it and tweeting about it yesterday. I just wrapped it up today.

    My thoughts, I agree with Michael that I don’t really like violent conflict. I think that debating makes a lot of sense and having contested rolls. I think that rolling deception and then an insight against that makes a lot of sense. And then the big thing that Caleb really stressed for a few minutes, once the roll is completed the players need to role play it out. It needs to be based around, what does that mean, how does this happen? The example of the paladin who is not going to let them force information out of a captured bad guy. Maybe the paladin wouldn’t ever be cool with that line of interrogation, but the bard who is okay with that then deceives them into thinking there is something important in the other room to checkout for 10 minutes so they an interrogate. It doesn’t always have to be the you have to agree with me now or see my point of view.

    Also, I tweeted this out, but with the race example, I don’t really ever like just comparing dex stats. I think it should always come down to a roll, even for a stupid race of who gets to somewhere faster, like who can run to the end of the block faster. If the players are talking about it, it’s important to them, making it so black and white as better dex means that you are potentially cutting out a role playing situation if the person who is slower accidentally wins, and now they have to explain how it happened and the fallout from that even where the faster player now has to deal with getting beat, especially if being fast is their thing. So I think a single roll for a simple one, and then a modified skill challenge for something that matters more. Maybe a Count sets them up against each other where they have to race to be the first to bring him the largest goose from the butcher shop five blocks away. Then they get to explain what they do, do a roll, and it would be a situation, if you succeed, you start pulling ahead, the next person succeeds, they catch-up, you fail, you drop behind, but then you succeed again, you are catching up when they fail. Just have fun with it like that, but it really depends on the situation and how many of your players are still engaged.

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