Aug 23

Dungeon Talk Episode 4: A New Home

Well here we are at our new home.  The first 9 or 10 minutes is Michael discussing what happened with the old website and why we decided to move.  The first topic begins after that.  We also have a guest with us, his name is Rob and he plays in our current weekly game.

Table Topic # 1 – In game rewards    9:53 – 33:30

a.  Magic items

b.  Hero Point systems

Table Topic # 2 – Playing yourself as a PC      33:36 – 45:25

Table Topic # 3 –  When a Player is cheating    45:30 – 58:00

Table Topic # 4 – 5 Minute work day   58:18 – 58:41



Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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  1. My Monk now worships the god Michael…


    1. My followers must tithe Pizza on alternating Mondays. Failure to do so would result in my
      Godly might turned against you.
      My domains are Sloth and Road rage.

      1. I’m dumping all my skill points from leveling up into cook pizza.

    • Jonathon on June 25, 2013 at 9:47 am
    • Reply

    Hello Michael & Evan (and now Rob)-

    As long as those in-game rewards are constant and defined at the beginning I would have no problem with it. But since everyone is different, adapt to their play styles.

    I like the example of Rob and his bow. This reminds me of my character in the Living Greyhawk campaign that obtained a long sword known as Zodal’s Longsword. If you hit with a natural 20 or did max damage, you would get a signature. After 20-40 signatures, depending upon what level you were at, you could add an enchantment or an enhancement to it. When Living Greyhawk finished, my longsword finished as a +2 Keen Spell Storing Longsword; I believe that that was around 80 signatures worth.

    I agree with you Michael where fourth edition has devalued magic items by finding out quickly what it is. At least if you have a wizard with you they could do an arcana check on it to figure it out. An easy way in version 3.5 to figure out if an item was magical was for the wizard to use a mage hand to try and lift it. If it did not lift and was less than five pounds, then it was magical.

    It almost seems that everyone should play their PC as themselves because it seems that that is how they end up playing them anyway; not that many people that I play with really play their PC by the stats. So the end statement should be, are you playing yourself as the PC or are you controlling the character who is the PC?

    World building. Most of the games that I play are the “Living” campaign, so the building is at a very minimum if not zero. Saying “yes” should definitely be a big plus, until it gets out of hand that is. This way the players are helping build the world and not just sitting by as the DM does all the work.

    It is kind of interesting what compels someone to cheat at D&D. During my time with Living Greyhawk, there has only been one person that got banned because of cheating. He was using one of those huge d20’s that are known as a countdown dice; all of the high numbers were on one side and the low numbers on the other. Most of the people I played with would roll their dice in the open; though some of them would use dice so small that eagle eyes would be needed to see the numbers. As Evan said, if it becomes annoying, that is where I would draw the line to confront them.

    5 minute workday. So from what I see in the next episode, you start off by talking about the 5 minute workday; whatever that may be. So by stopping the podcast with a “What is coming up in the next podcast” would be a great way to keep the listener interesting in coming back to see what you are going to talk about.



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