Feb 13

Dungeon Talk – Episode 37: Combat, the Angry way! Pt 2 – Audio corrected.

Hello and welcome to Dungeon Talk, the General Advice and Discussion podcast from DnD Academy. I am Michael and this is Dungeon Talk Episode 37: Combat, the Angry way! Pt 2.


EDIT: Hello, so i screwed up – shocker, I know! and uploaded a segment for the last podcast and not the entire file. I’ve corrected it. I did it fast though, so it is less ‘edited’ than usual (might notice a few more Uhm’s and a few longer pauses). I also didn’t add the intro, so it just starts.  SORRY!!

This is the second of our two part episode where Caleb and I discuss combat with (in)famous TheAngryDM.  I’ve bookended this longer combat discussion with some shorter topics Caleb and I had covered separately so in this episode you start with the second half our our EPIC combat discussion with Angry (combat N-Z)  and then Caleb and I discus a Table Topic from a recent FAE Game (Spoiler alert, the things we discuss happen in a FAE: DEADLANDS Game that hasn’t been released yet) and focus on making decisions that make the game better and not using things like alignment to justify being a dick!


If you don’t already, you should be following the AngryDM on twitter and please check out his blog where many of the topics we discuss on this podcast Angry has written about (at length).


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
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