Dec 19

Dungeon Talk: Episode 31- Yes, And . . . What?

Hello and Welcome to Dungeon Talk. The General advice and discussion podcast from DnD Academy.

This is episode # 31

Special Guest host @TheCalebG join me and Extra-Special Guest Matthew Parody (Co-host of the ProbablyQuestionable podcast) as we discuss improvisational techniques you can use in your games.

Yes, And



I then go on a short rant about some edition war bullcrap I heard on another podcast.

We then briefly discuss drawing RP out of players

Encumbrance and ammo tracking. Necessary?

Using Props in the game. Effective or gamey?

And finish up with a chat about secret info.  What do you do, when only one or some PC’s find info out?


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Thanks for listening. As always, comments and feedback are welcome.



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