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Dungeon Talk: Episode 3 – An Editing Adventure

Dungeon Talk: Episode 3 – An Editing Adventure

Happy to bring to you episode 3!  We had a lot of fun recording this one, probably too much since we finished with about an hour and a half of recording.  I had to cut it down significantly to upload.

If you don’t want to hear Michael and I discuss his phobia of microphones then skip to about 2 minutes in.  It’s funny, but maybe vulgar for kids (or immature adults).

Table Topic # 1 – Pulled a few big moments from  Evan’s last game  1:10 – 12:30

a. Not having a PC roll for some actions

b.  My view of what was going to happen vs. what Evan saw happening

c.  How this game compares to Blazing Saddles

d.  Giving items to players that they don’t know what they do.

e.  Asking players for feedback.

Table Topic # 2 –  Having a distracted / distracting player  12:30 – 24:39

Table Topic # 3 –  Giving players/PC’s rewards.   24:40 – 40:00

a.  Experience and leveling rate

b.  Michael’s aversion to Magic items

Table topic # 4- Discussing Michael’s new campaign: The Lost City   40:15 – 58:00

a. Different ideas of how to start the game

b. having the DM create the PC’s for the players or not

As always comments are appreciated, thanks for listening, and send us some topics to cover.



Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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    • Jonathon on June 25, 2013 at 7:34 am
    • Reply

    Hello Michael & Evan-

    Ok… So this is a big list of Table Topics and their subtopics. Why the subtopics? Are they really necessary?

    So if Michael thought that the bridge should have blown up, does that mean that when the creatures threw the bags did they blow up? Sounds like a miscommunication between the DM and the player(s)?

    It sounds like Evan is starting to wreak terror on his players. Good job.

    OMG… Distracting players. Good suggestions for dealing with the distracted players. I think that some of these players need to be treated like school kids and you just might have to clap your hands and tell them to pay attention.

    Definitely keeping players interacting. The fourth edition DMG has a listing of type of players and how to get them involved. Read Ch. 1 “How To Be A DM”. I was listening to a podcast that roughly said, even though you might know everything about a topic, pick up a book and read about it. So for the last month I picked up the fourth edition PHB and DMG and read them front to back. Now I am reading the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide and will read the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. Good information and surprisingly a lot of “Ah Ha’s”.

    Though a lot of keeping track, your idea of giving players extra xp for certain things is a good idea. If everyone is there and kills the monster, then “DING”, everyone gets 1,000xp and they all level at the same time. Which sounds like the “Living Campaign”. But at home campaigns, if someone is using a lot of their skills, then they could get 5xp for each time they use a skill. This way at the xp tally, one person gets 1,000xp, but the next person gets 1,200xp and levels faster.

    I am not that fond of your four sessions and then you level, then five sessions and then you level. No reason for someone to exert any extra effort; they know that after the next session I will get fourth level.

    I like the hero points. Does the DM get creature points? I think that they should as fourth edition gave elites and solos actions points.

    The Lost City: With no wealth, but working to better the community is sounding like a comment made from a Star Trek episode. Very interesting starting out; level 0 PC’s. I think players would have a problem with not being able to create their own PC, but the intrigue of figuring out what your PC is would be half the fun. I kind of did something like this in Living Greyhawk by having a PC that had amnesia and after each game I played she found out something new.



    1. Jonathon,
      One of the comments we’ve gotten recently was that our use of topics in the beginning and part of the show notes was helpful. So, I started going back through the old episodes and detailing out what we were talking about, but since we really weren’t using the topics that way there isn’t a clear structure to them so I just sorta put in what we were talking about. I got through ep 7 I think. Haven’t gone back to the others yet. Probably will over time. I think around 14 or 15 we start using them all the time.

      I don’t have a creature point system. I like the idea of Hero’s getting Hero points to give them an edge. Where I usually play low magic games often my PC’s are not in a vastly superior position in combat a lot so the tokens can help. We haven’t been using them in our Next Playtest and so far no one has really missed them. 🙁

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