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Dungeon Talk: Episode 20 – 65 MB, Mother$&*^@#

Hello all,

Here is Episode 20 of  Dungeon Talk; our General advice/discussion podcast.  For this Episode we were joined by Niko and Rob and a Special Guest James (@Massimo_53). James runs the DnD Encounters games at a local game store here in Cincinnati. He’s been playing RPG’s for a while and has a lot of experience with Savage Worlds, which we wanted to discuss. I thought he did a great job and certainly added to the discussion.


Here are this week’s segment topics:

James’ Introduction – 0:00 –  6:00

1. Table Topic # 1 – Savage worlds review/discussion; 6:00 – 32:30

2. Table Topic # 2 – Roleplaying in a way that harms the party: 32:30 – 44:50

3. Mailbag – we answer a question sent in from Christian concerning a Music Based Puzzle. (If you want to give your thoughts, visit our Podcast question thread on RPG Crosstalk Forums):  44:50 – 57:45

4. House rules – a first for a new segment where we will discuss the pro’s/con’s of adding a new rule into our DnD Games. This week’s rule is ‘exploding dice’ from savage worlds – essentially if you roll the max number on a damage die, you keep rolling and adding. (if you want to give your thoughts, visit our House rule thread on RPG Crosstalk Forums). 57:45 – 1:06:30

As always, thanks for listening and comments/feedback are welcomeThanks!!


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
Comments and Feedback are always welcome.

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    • Jonathon on August 5, 2014 at 7:25 am
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    Welcome new voice James… Yeah!!!

    D&D Encounters… Good starting place… Plus a free d20… No fair, we do get them here. 🙁

    I liked v3.5 also. More realistic instead of these entire plus, plus, pluses.

    HEY!!! Do not bash Denver… Just because our location is in every other movie… LOL

    ^5 Niko… Yeah negatives.

    True Evan… Savage World seemed like a world where you think that you might die and you are cautious, whereas D&D you just go in and hack and slash and have no fear of dying; other than the fact that you can get resurrected. Though v4.0 is making you play recklessly since when you die, you get resurrected and no level loss; v3.5 you die and lose a level; more cautious.

    Like Niko’s comments on spell casting. Having mana’s or spells that hurt you. Reminds me of Dragonlance’s Raistlin where it seemed that he hurt after he cast a spell; or maybe he was just tired. It has been a long time since I read the books.

    That is true that the characters sheets are a bit more simplified. Though it is a bit too overall and not to the point; one skill covers a thousand different topics. E.g. When training, you train for running as opposed to swimming as opposed to bulk lifting.

    Roleplaying versus out-of-game standpoint is seen tons at the table. Most people will play to benefit themselves and to survive as opposed to putting themselves at the level of the playfield and do what their characters are built to do. Plus if a PC does something that hinders the players, the other players do not seem to put an effort in to right the situation. Grexil was awesome in his actions causing this issue.

    Puzzles: They are cool, but are usually built to be seen and not just told about. The issue is definitely person knowledge versus character knowledge. That is why the skill challenges from v4.0 are great to chug right along as opposed to all people just sitting at the table not knowing what to do. Plus when a writer writes the adventure, they should build it to have certain classes shine in certain areas. Making it an interactive puzzle, Michael, sounds like a great idea; PC #1 pulls the wrong level and PC #4 gets shocked. LOL

    I am not really for the house rules. They just seem like a way for the players to get more advantages over the bad guys. Plus if you play at one house with their rules and then another and then another, brain zap on trying to keep everything all organized. Just use the rules provided.

    Keep on talkin’



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