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Dungeon Talk: Episode 2 – The Saga Continues

Dungeon Talk: Episode 2 – The Saga Continues

We changed the intro a little this time, the old intro was too long before we started talking.

Table Topic # 1 – Update on Evan’s game  00:24 – 15:00

Table Topic # 2 – We discuss me taking over Evan’s game  or starting my own   15:00 – 26:00

Table Topic # 3 – Rotating DM structure and my party getting killed while I wasn’t there 26:30 – 40:00

Table Topic # 4 – We briefly discuss encounter building theory in different editions  40:00 – 46:45

Table Topic # 5 – some PC’s don’t understand what a Sphere of Annihilation is.  46:50  – 51:11


As always comments are appreciated, thanks for listening, and send us some topics to cover.



Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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    • Jonathon on June 25, 2013 at 6:01 am
    • Reply

    Hello Michael & Evan-

    So I kept the volume at the same from episode one and episode two started off even louder. Plus there was no footsteps, door and a scream. 🙁 I do not think that the intro was too long; it was cut down from 14 seconds to seven seconds.

    What are you using for a recording program? Audacity?

    Though the talk between you two is pretty stable, do you use Levelator?

    Making a sheet with a bunch of NPC’s is great Evan, but not having 20 NPC’s per town; too much info for the players to remember. Maybe start with two to four and then you could increase, or decrease, upon each revisit of the town.

    I like the idea of another DM taking over from the previous one. But not fond of the idea of putting the campaign on hold, play another one for a few months and then come back. Just play it, finish it, continue on.

    WooHoo… Whose Line Is It Anyway? rocks!!!

    Encounter building is a bit tougher than it seems. Even the below, at, or above the level is still iffy. My daughter and I wrote modules for Living Greyhawk and I was the Writing Director for the Luruar region, for a year, for Living Forgotten Realms. You go ahead and put the levels together and it gets play-tested and “BAM!”; what you thought would have slaughtered the PC’s turns into slaughtering your monsters.

    I find it funny when you say that the philosophy behind fourth edition was to keep it balanced; when it seems that they do not put any negatives onto anything, but put positives on everything. E.g. race ability scores only get +2’s, where in third edition there were -2’s.

    So how many times do you have to tell someone that the Sphere of Annihilation will kill them? I did have a similar situation where the person’s character was in an area of acid. I kept telling them what was happening and they still did not try to get out of the area. Needless to say… R.I.P. Plus no sympathy here also.

    So you (Michael) want to write? Where are your stories? So who are the people that no one will read your novel?

    Definitely not a boring episode…

    The ending was cut short with just a bye-guys, but it does seem to go good instead of maybe an outro.



    1. Jonathon,
      Yeah, early on there was a lot of disparity in sound levels. That should get better as you go . . . Evan uses studio one (i’ve recently upgraded to that as well for the actual play podcasts) but I use Audacity.

      As for the writing I’ve been a part of several Writer’s groups and have generally gotten good feedback. at one time I had my novel completed and sent it off to dozen’s of publishing houses and/or agents. I only got one reply back and that was from TOR fantasy and that was a form letter. That’s why I say no one would read it. I’ve been tinkering with it for a awhile and right now it’s in pieces. Maybe someday i’ll put it back together and try again. I have one short story on amazon direct. it’s .99 called Weary. it was written for a short story contest I never entered. It’s not fantasy and is really only 4-5 pages so .99 is probably a bit much for it. It’s had about 13 downloads (I don’t get any money till I get to 100) and so far no comments.

      I have considered posting excerpts from my writings on here. If that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know. I might add a page for that.

      Gotta run,

      please keep the comments coming.

      Also, if you want we do have a forum set up at RPG Crosstalk where you can submit ideas or comment on stuff there too. not much traffic there, but more than we’ve had on these comments so far.

      Thanks again!!

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