Mar 30

Dungeon Talk: Episode 15 – Group discussions

Hello all,

Here is Episode 15 of our Dungeon Talk Podcast. We kept to the segments again, but we added some special guests;  Niko, who you may know as Grexil, and Jared, who played Wang for a few sessions on the the Made Men Podcast, joined us for Ep 15.


1. Table topics  1 – Giving your players their “MOMENT” in a game.

2. Mailbag – If you use battle maps, which is better; pre-published or hand drawn?

3. Table topics  2 – Changing an encounter on the fly

4. Next news – We discuss the current chatter about the Warlord Class


As always, thanks for listening and comments/feedback are welcomeThanks!!


Michael – AKA Mumbles


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    • Niko on April 4, 2013 at 8:35 pm
    • Reply

    It’s funny….

    in my world I have no accent…until I hear these podcasts.

    1. yeah, me too!

    • Evan on April 6, 2013 at 1:07 pm
    • Reply

    In my world I talk like Bruce buffer, until I hear the podcast

    • Jonathon on July 27, 2014 at 10:00 pm
    • Reply

    Giving the players their moment is a BIG thing the DM can do to make the game the most enjoyable. It seems that most players, who are loud, always get the spotlight and should not especially when they have a Charisma of 6 and should not be talking.

    Another moment is when you know a certain ability, backstory, or skill of a player that has not been standing out, to give them their moment to use that part.

    Yeah Grexil and BACON!!! LOL

    Yeah Maps… I like hand drawn because you do not have to place a bunch of papers over the unexplored areas. Plus you get to add 3d items (Trees, 3/4” river rock, sand, etc…) on the map.

    I found it amazing from the home campaigns that I played in is that we never got mugged from all of the awesome stuff that we had found. LOL

    Hit points are not really how much blood you have or sort; think of it more like damage reduction or

    How are Star Wars penalties any different from D&D hit points? If you have a Damage Threshold of 10 and it takes 5 attacks past this number to knock you out, would that not mean that you have 50 hit points? Just different wording, but the same thing.

    Repeat on the four classes… See episode 14.

    I think that DM’s should at least try to speak in a different voice for the NPC they are playing. The other podcast I listen to, the Keeper does a lot of voice when he judges and plays. I think that players need to do it also; at least it would distinguish between when the person or character is speaking.

    I try to do accents and my Country turns into Australian, which then turns into British, and then back again, and again, and again… Ugh… LOL

    Keep on talkin’



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