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Dungeon Talk: Episode 13 – A change of pace

Hello all,

Here is Episode 13 of Dungeon Talk. In this Episode Evan and I touch on or discuss the following topics.  This is the general order that we go in, but we do jump back and forth a bit as well.

1.  Wanting to change up and play a non-fantasy RPG

2.   Game rotation. Losing a player for a while we swtiched to having Evan run a game again

3.   Evan discusses his comfort level running this game vs. his 1st one.

4.   Character Backgrounds: Keep them in their place

5.   Rewarding effort.

6.   Humor in the game

7.   Giving a player their moment in a game.  Building trust between player/DM

8.   Evan is not defining our PC’s by their classes.  He’s not really even sure what classes we are.

9.   Not all backgrounds are created equal.  Strong silent type is hard to play.

10.  Team work takes work


As always, thanks for listening.

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Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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    • Jonathon on July 23, 2014 at 7:24 pm
    • Reply

    Wow that intro sure goes for a long time.

    True… RPG is not just D&D. There is more than just chicken to eat for dinner. But trying to find several others that are just as gung ho as you, which would be the real challenge. So flip on over and play a spy, a hacker, a race car driver.

    True Michael… I have noticed that though you make the comment that this site is to help out players and teach them, I have not really seen a lot of it. Just mostly talking about topics. So if new players have to decipher the information out of the talk to benefit themselves, then that seems a bit tough for them.

    I like what Evan had to say about how to write. “Don’t write the story from where you are forward. Write the story from where you are backwards.”

    So it sounds like you do not have a background, you are just making it up as you go along. You should have something in the background to make you do what you do in the adventures.

    That is good to have the player to be able know something by rolling an Int check and then the DM gives you some info to continue the story forward. It reminds me of Call of Cthulhu where you get to roll an Idea roll and then the Keeper will give you some info to keep the game going. We are playing the characters and their abilities, not ours.

    True Michael… All characters should be able to shine. Though the DM might have a time line of what they want to do that night at the table, it is a bad thing that the DM did not let your con man shine. That is one of the DM’s job is to make sure everyone is having a good time and to bring characters out to shine every once in awhile. Otherwise it turns into roll dice, hit, damage, roll dice, hit, damage, etc…

    And what would be worse… Not letting the character shine or not having your character is able to succeed at your craft. I.e. The people were smarter than Michael’s con man.

    I see a lot of toe stepping on while judging Living Greyhawk. It seemed that everyone wanted to be in the spotlight. Or worse was who could cause the most damage.

    Sloane’s artwork is a bit too rough for my liking. They need to tighten and clean it up some.

    Very useful information in this episode.

    Keep on talkin’



    1. Jonathon,
      Wanted you to know I brought up your comment about whether or not we are actually providing entry level advice for new player and DM’s. We dedicated a large portion to what will likely be Table Top 55 on it. Be interested to see what you think of what we think of what you thought . . .

      That episode will be out in a few weeks.


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