Feb 15

Dungeon Talk: Episode 12 – Conversations through the Veil of Space

Hello all,

Here is our newest Dungeon Talk Episode. In this one we have a special guest. Rob, one of my very good friends from my old gaming group in Cleveland joins us. We had set up a SKYPE session but it didn’t work out well so we ended up just putting him on speaker phone (thus the title).  The quality of this is not great, you can definately tell that he’s on a phone, but the volume and quality of his voice is good enough for you to hear and understand what he says (when Evan isn’t talking over him! 🙂

****If anyone out there knows a better a way to do internet or phone interviews for podcasts, please let us know ***


On this Episode we discuss conflicts in game and out of game.  What causes them, and what you can/should do about them. We also cover some events that happened recently in the new Game that Evan is running and discuss ways to improve.


As always, we hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you.




Michael – AKA Mumbles.


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    • Jonathon on July 23, 2014 at 6:17 pm
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    Welcome Rob…

    Most of the games that I have played in were the Living Greyhawk and pretty much all character had to go on the adventure. Pretty much the judge would just start off by saying, “you are all here for one reason or another.” …and go.

    I like the idea of the dwarf trader who just wants to make a gold piece. In a Living Greyhawk game, the other players would just push him off to the side and say come with or go away. Instead the other players should be trying to find away to get the character to come along.

    It reminds me of my Int 6 centaur “X” who would fight. But at 10th level, and after taking a level of cleric and getting a headband of intellect to raise his intelligence, he would start questioning whether to fight or not. This was causing a problem with the other players who knew “X” and his strong fighting ability and they would try to grab the headband of intellect off of his head so that he would fight with no questions asked.

    I think it is easier if the DM hands out the info. Otherwise I think that players want to just come to the game and play instead of building the game.

    Yeah there have been plenty of instigators in the games that I have judged for Living Greyhawk. But hey… If they kill off another character, then that is what happens.

    There was no Gamer’s Contract link on the site. ???

    The group in Living Greyhawk definitely has to be focused since each game play was only a four hour slot. And in your cases, you have the podcast going.

    Good info Evan about improv… Take an improv class and “Never deny”.

    How can you hit a wall of not knowing what to do when the players do not know what the DM really has planned? Just throw something out there and the players will think that it was all part of the plot and what you had planned all along.

    ‘Box Text’ death… Grrr…

    Very true Rob… Stick to your guns and let it flow.

    Overall… Very informative and funny episode.

    Keep on talkin’



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