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Dungeon Talk: Episode 1 – The Beginning

Dungeon Talk: Episode 1 – The Beginning

Well this is the first true episode of Dungeon Talk.  We call it # 2 in the beginning, but that’s because we had an Episode 0 for a while.  We chose a couple topics brought about by our game this past Monday.

We begin with some things about the website and Michael and I’s progress on learning how to do this.

Topic 1 – 8:15 – 18:30  Evan’s  experience so far with being a first time DM.  How the game is going, and how his planning leading up to games has changed.

Topic 2-  18:30 – 36:30  Setting DC’s in the game.

Topic 3 – 36:30 – 46:30  How a game can be affected by one player interacting with the DM for too long.  We talk about a specific instance from our most recent game where a decision Michael made lead to a long drawn out role play between him and myself.  We talk about whether we thought it was a good thing, or could have been dealt with in a different way in order to keep the other players involved in the game.

Topic 4 – 43:30  –  51:05   We discuss a couple quick battles we did with no map or mini’s

We start out by discussing the development of the website – which is still on-going. If you want to skip over all that jump to the 8:15 mark.



Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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    • Jonathon on June 25, 2013 at 4:36 am
    • Reply

    Hello Michael & Evan-

    So I did start listening to your podcasts, on and off, last or at the beginning of this year, but stopped and decided to re-listen and comment. So since today is my Saturday, it is time for a “D&D Academy Marathon”. WooHoo…

    Evan starts off by saying that any comments are going to be bad, we do not need to see them. Well here are mine. 🙂

    Hopefully that each reply is to the respective episode and not to all of them. Let me know if I need to change my sendings of these replies to a different location.

    First of all it is great that you two are doing a podcast; to jump the gun – June 13, 2013 post, RPG Podcast, Listener Survey – sorry to see the comment “Not sure how much longer this will be going”. I will comment about that post later in its reply.

    Now for Episode 1 comments.

    So this is actually Episode 2, not 1, where is episode 0? Not on your site or iTunes.

    When I first started listening and looked at your site, it had a great header of (I think) a castle of some sort on a mountain. That was a great look compared to what is up there now. Looks on sites should compare to what is being done on them; yours do not seem to connect as I would expect a couple of kids talking. If I did not listen to you first, but instead went to your site first, I am pretty sure that I would not have investigated it. If you do still want to keep the looks though, think about changing it every so often. Maybe every couple of days to a week, change the header. If you are able to place a gif in the header location, maybe have the warrior move his sword or the wizard float up and down. Stagnant websites lose peoples’ interests.

    With the creative side being with Evan, I found the intro, with the walking and then into the music is excellent. As Michael says, Is Evan still Mr. No Creativity? LOL

    Great content and talk about from a DMing point of view, to overcoming obstacles and troublesome players. I agree with the 90% impov, as I was, and still am a bit, the other way. Hope Evan is a bit less worried and is able to adlib more.

    At the end you reference Order of the Stick, but I do not see it on your site

    At the end you do say goodbye, but there is no outro. Put the music from the intro there and have it fade out.

    I like the info with the timelines as it gives someone a glance to keep on track. Though I do not know why the “We start out…” is at the end of the info instead of at the beginning. If WordPress does not let you re-edit, then that sucks, but I would have re-edited it and placed it at the beginning.

    Looking forward to see what Evan’s obsession is about monkeys… LOL

    1. Jonathon,
      thanks for taking the time to reply! We used to have an Episode 0, but after a while we went back and did some re-editing on the old episodes (after we had SOME inkling of what we were doing) and Episode 0 just wasn’t very good. It was our first attempt and mostly we just introduced ourselves and what we hoped to accomplish with the website and podcast. It also heavily referenced our website name at the time, which has changed so we decided to remove it. Trust me, you’re not missing much.

      As the episodes go on, we do get better and better at the editing, including noise reduction and leveling. I’d say around 10 is where we get pretty consistent (our actual play podcasts are still really wonky, but I am trying!!!!)

      Hope you stick around I am very interested to see if you agree that we get better as we go.


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