Dark Discovery

DD image finalHello and welcome to the world of Dark Discovery, a new D&D 5e Campaign Podcast. This game is being DM’d by Michael (@TheRPGAcademy) based on a  home-brew world he’s been working on for years.  This series is also a Patreon exclusive campaign. Below are some sneak-peek episodes made available to everyone. If you enjoy what you hear and would like to continue the story you can take a look at our Patreon Campaign and see if you’d like to become a patron for a monthly donation. Anything $5 or more per month will get you access to this and other bonus episodes


Characters introductions


Cade Thorngage



Episode 1 – Choking the Owlbear

Episode 2 – Payback

Episode 3 – What’s in the box?

Episode 4 – I know a Guy – (Patron Only)

Episode 5 – About Town  (Patron Only)


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