Aug 18

Character Template


Instructions: This character template is a series of questions that forces you to think about and ultimately make choices about your character outside of their role as an adventurer. In the questions “YOU” refers to the PC, not the player.

This information can and should be used by your Game Master to develop hooks to keep your character invested in the story/adventure they are telling. It can also be used by you for role playing purposes. If you decide that your character is a coward, when you have an opportunity to role play that, take it. A good GM/DM will reward you for it.

Keep in mind that not all questions need to be answered and not all need to be answered before you start. In some cases you may play a character for a few sessions before you get a strong feel for their personality. That’s fine if you want to wait to see IF your character is a coward and then work backwards and explain why he/she is that way.

Lastly, the choices you make here are not definitive. While as a DM I would be less likely to allow you change your family background without some in-game reason (like you didn’t know you were adopted but in the game learned your family had kidnapped you as a child and raised you as their own) but your outlook on life, Gods, honor, fears, phobias, flaws, etc . . . , can all change over time, as the do in real-life.

I hope you take the time to complete the questions. If you have any feedback on the questions please let me know through our contact form here.


         – Michael, AKA Professor Mumbles

P.s. I did a lot of searches for similar templates and then cherry picked the questions I liked/wanted from them. I’m not listing any references because there are a lot of them, but at the same time I made up a lot of these questions myself (though it’s likely they are already on another template that I just didn’t find in my searches) so I am not claiming that this template is mine. Feel free to use/modify as you see fit.


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    • Jonathon on July 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm
    • Reply

    Hello all-

    OMG!!! 7 pages of questions… Maybe just a tad too many???

    First thought I had had was the ‘Facts Table’ you could roll for in the 1st edition DMG on pg. 100-101.

    Appearance, sanity, disposition, honesty, morals, etc…



    1. That was the #1 feedback i’ve gotten about the template: It’s too long. To be fair, though it was supposed to be the “ULTIMATE” version of that sort of character template. Also, I never really expected anyone to fill out the entire thing. at least not before the game began. I figured some of the questions would spark some thought and the others could be blank or filled in during game.

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