Feb 23

Campaigns: SLU – Season 1 Epilogue

logoHello and welcome to the Campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from The Rpg Academy. I am Michael and this is the Campaigns:  Secrets, Lies & The Undead: Season 1 Epilogue


This special episode of SLU was written by Caleb G (@TheCalebG), performed by The Rpg Academy players, Matthew (@MattParody), Scott (@Pachetra), Caleb (@TheCalebG) and Michael (@TheRpgAcademy) with special guest voices; Devon(@Shark_Bone) from the SharkBone Sandbox Podcast, RpgGamerDad (@RpgGamerDad) from the RpgGamerDad podcast, James D’Amato (@OneShotRPG) from the One-Shot Podcast  and Hiroshi (@MaybeHiroshi) from the Cthulhu and Friends Podcast.


We hope you have enjoyed Season 1 of Secrets, Lies and the Undead. This is an actual play series using the 13th Age RPG system. This Campaign was written and DM’d by Michael R (@TheRpgAcademy) and he has many, many more awful things in store for our hapless adventures in Season 2 – coming late in 2015.





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  1. Peder

    That was a pretty sweet wrap-up. I’ll be looking forward to the second season where characters are almost killed by more dragons, undead and secrets, but primarily the first two.

  2. Baldore

    Hey, so I’ve been really loving this campaign and I got some inspiration to draw the crew from this adventure. Would you mind collecting a short collection of the characters descriptions so I can draw them?


    PS Working on Sound Shield now. 😛

    1. Professor Fluff

      I would be honored! Just a question though – you posted this on the Secrets Lies and Undead episode but Sound Shield is from the Marvel One shot. Which characters are you interested in getting more info on?

      1. Baldore

        I am more interested in the Secrets crew. I’ve started the sketch but I need a bit more description to complete it. The jokes surrounding Sound Shield “Heroic” first entrance made me laugh so I’m doing his appearance based off the jokes (Rubbermade armor and a bullhorn.)

        1. Professor Fluff

          sounds good! I’ll get back to you on that soon. Do you want me to reply back here – or do you have twitter handle/ FB or some such that would be better?


  3. Baldore

    Yeah, email is normally my fastest communication route, just get a hold of me through baldore225@gmail.com.


  4. Matthew Parody

    I’m so excited about this!

  5. Richard Kreutz-Landry

    Holy crap! Stumbling onto this without knowing you guys were going to do it radio play style was AWESOME!

    1. Professor Fluff

      THANK YOU!! This was our first attempt and using sound FX and making it more of a radio drama. We have plans to revisit this style at some point. Gott ask though, do you know or think you know what all this meant? As the GM of the game I thought it was fairly obvious but based on some questions/comments I’ve gotten i’m not sure it is as obvious as I thought. Would love to hear your theory.


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